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At Aquarium Liverpool we know all about cleaning and water changing aquariums, with over 100 tanks that are individually filtered in our shop plus the same again in our quarantine facilities in accordance with our accreditation with Cefas (Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science) and Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). There are many ways to maintain your aquarium and depending on the size and maturity of your tank may impact how frequently water changes are required. Our staff will always offer any guidance and are happy to demonstrate how gravel cleaners and siphons work and provide information on the products we sell and what cleaning apparatus may be suitable for your aquarium.

Maintaining the media within your aquarium filter is one of the most important jobs for any fish hobbyist, regardless of the size of your aquarium all internal and external filters need to be cleaned, how regularly may depend on the type of filter media but cleaning the aquarium filter is vitally important to ensure it performs to its potential, removing the impellor to be cleaned on occasion is important along with the regular cleaning of the filter media. Different filters contain various forms of media such as a course mechanical filter pad or foam, a fine filter pad, a chemical media such as carbon which may be in pad or granular form and biological medias, these will all need to be washed using aquarium water to remove the waste and excess matter whilst keeping the healthy bacteria’s alive. Washing aquarium filter media under the tap will destroy or kill the healthy bacteria. Most filter media will require replacing at certain intervals and your chosen product will advise the recommended timescales or a member of staff can help with this.

You may find that over time algae can grow on plastic plants and ornaments which can be difficult to scrub away or wash off, solutions are available to make your plastic plants and aquarium ornaments look new again. We decorate lots of our aquariums in the shop with artificial corals, ornaments, large pebbles and plants which under the bright LED and fluorescent lights do need cleaning from time to time to look their best and we regularly use such treatments to clean our decor. A member of staff will be able to provide more information on ornament cleaning.

We stock a wide range of cleaning products such as algae pads, scrapers, gravel cleaners, vacuums, brushes and algae magnets from a range of suppliers to aid you in maintaining the look of your aquarium. Please ask a member of staff if you need any help or suggestions in maintaining your aquarium.

Some examples of cleaning apparatus is shown below.

Other items available at Aquarium Liverpool.

1. Lighting
2. Condensation Trays
3. Fish Nets
4. Test Kits
5. Silicone Sealant
6. Thermometers
7. Airline and connections
8. Aquarium Backgrounds
9. Breeding Equipment