Aquarium Liverpool

    Trading in Liverpool since 1983

Pond Accessories

At Aquarium Liverpool our pond room is open during from Spring through to Autumn stocking a wide selection of pond fish, oxygenating plants, decorative garden ornaments and our exclusive Coral Ponds.

We have a beautiful range of metal garden pond sculptures from Ducks and Peacocks to Cranes and Herons.

We stock a range of fountain pumps filter and waterfall pumps and water feature pumps. Pressurised UVC filters are available as well as all in one units for smaller ponds. Pre-cut pond liners in many sizes are usually carried in stock or can be ordered in for our customers within a few days. Our staff can provide guidance on liner sizes and appropriate pumps and filters for you pond requirements.

The essentials such as dechlorinators, green water treatments, water test kits and medications are stocked year round. Floating food sticks, flake and pellets for all types of pond fish including Sturgeon and winter foods such as Wheatgerm are available.

Other items available at Aquarium Liverpool.

1. Pond Cover Nets
2. Test Kits
3. Pond Hose ½” ¾” 1” 1 ¼” 1 ½”
4. Pond Hose Connections
5. Jubilee Clips
6. Airpumps
7. Air Pump Tubing & Airstones
8. Green Water Treatments
9. Blanketweed Treatments
10. Decoy Heron’s and Owls
11. Fish Nets
12. PH Adjusters
13. Fish Disease Medication
14. Planting Baskets & Lining
15. Aquatic Compost
16. Pond Salt
17. Floating Thermometers
18. Holiday Food
19. Assorted Fountain Heads
20. Filter foams and media