Aquarium Liverpool

    Trading in Liverpool since 1983

Turtle Tanks Collection

At Aquarium Liverpool we stock the popular Ciano Tartarium Turtle Tanks along with basking lamps, sand, heaters, basking areas such as ramps and floating logs and various filtration options for your Turtle or Turtles. Dried, live and frozen foods are available.
There are many species of Turtle, which have different requirements and growth variations.

Species of Turtle currently available at Aquarium Liverpool:-
1. Musk
2. Mississippi Map

Our Turtles are very popular so please call before travelling to check availability. Aquarium Liverpool 0151 4485717

A range of filtration options are avaible suitable for Turtles starting from £9.99, basking and UV bulbs from £6.99 and clamp lamps from £24.99.

The Tartarium 40 and 60 are available for delivery to UK Mainland only, please call 0151 4485717 to enquire.