Aquarium Liverpool

    Trading in Liverpool since 1983

Wood, Rock & Shells Collection

Mopani wood, Azalea Root, Bog Wood and Talawa wood plus others are regularly in stock in a range of shapes and sizes. Wood can make a beautiful addition to any aquarium, great for planted aquariums and some can also be used in terrariums. These natural woods can add tannin to the water and some will affect PH levels so please do enquire in store. Ocean Rock, Layered Rock, Slate, Red Desert Rock and Aventurine Green Rock are among some of the types of rock available, mix with wood, plants, ornaments to create hideaways and swim-through openings for your aquarium inhabitants.

At Aquarium Liverpool we offer a wide selection of natural seashells in a range of sizes. These shells are all sourced in a sustainable way from different parts of the world from long-term suppliers. Seashells offer hideaways for fish, crabs and shrimp and provide decoration to your aquarium. Some of the shells available include Lambis Chiragra and Truncata, Murex Ramosus, Pink Murex, Tibia, Melo Ampura, Giant Mitre and Tiger Crowrie. Real Barnacle clusters are available in 3 sizes.